Polypropylene Hollow Sheets

Polypropylene sheets are light in weight and rigid, resembling cardboard in structure. They are resistant to chemicals and weather andoffer good thermal insulation properties. Polypropylene sheets are easy to process,e.g. to be printed with graphics or coated with plastic films.

Because of their properties, the sheets are used to produce consumer packaging as well as boxes and crates, to protect goods during transport and in the advertising industry (e.g. for signs).

Polypropylene sheets are excellent for making document folders, binders, containers and other equipment and accessories used in the office.


Technical Data

  • Optimum temperatures of use: -20oC : 90oC
  • Maximum temperature of use: 165oC


  • primary (retail) packaging
  • transport packaging
  • boxes
  • crates
  • separators
  • pads or mats
  • document folders
  • ring binders
  • containers
  • partition walls
  • advertising signs (e.g. printing with graphics or coating with plastic films)